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Types of NDIS Accommodation Available in Perth: Understanding the Options

NDIS medium-term accommodation in Perth

Once you determine your housing needs and restrictions, it is time to start searching and applying for houses and funding. 

The timing can be tricky since sometimes the funding is needed before you can apply for the house, and sometimes the housing is required before you can apply for the financing.

The best thing you can do is stay honest and keep your providers and real estate agents informed about your situation.

If you are looking for accommodations, you have the following options:

Supported Independent Living (SIL)

Persons seeking legal support and accommodation should consider supported independent living. The service involves getting paid personal help in your home for meal training, house cleaning, and personal care. It is only available to people over 18 as with individual living options. With proper papers, supported independent living funding must be requested separately from NDIS officials.

Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA)

Specialized disability accommodation is housing that the NDIS funds for people who need a high level of support and modification to live independently.

Specialized disability accommodation (SDA) under the NDIS only covers the essential modifications and support requirements and does not cover the cost of the rent.


As part of this, NDIS participants are supported to carry out activities of daily living, meet their objectives, and work towards their goals.

In addition to transportation, CORE supports include help with household chores with NDIS medium-term accommodation in Perth.

ILO – Individual Living Options

Individuals are the focus of these living arrangements. You can choose from Living Alone, Co-Residency, Host Arrangements, or Living Together. The services they provide are an alternative to those offered by group homes. A tailored and flexible package is monitored closely.

A provider of ILOs helps you define what you want, then finds, and creates it. Your ILO provider will generate a quote, which you will send to NDIS.

Currently, ILO is in the pilot phase, so funding is limited

Final words

These are some of the NDIS medium-term accommodations in Perth. You can contact Specialist Disability Housing quickly to get more information on accommodation.

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