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NDIS Specialist Disability Accommodation(SDA)

Finding suitable housing that suits your needs can be difficult if you have a disability. The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) has established a funding stream called Specialist Disability Accommodation to address the dearth of accessible housing alternatives for people with disabilities.

SDA residences are custom homes made to fit the requirements of particularly disabled people who require a lot of support. To offer supported independent living services inside Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) houses, we collaborate with real estate developers throughout Perth.

Who gets SDA?

NDIS participants who have SDA approved in their plans are the ones who need certain home modifications or high-level in-home support from a paid worker to carry out daily activities.

Participants who have a severe or complete functional impairment as a result of a disability or who have extremely high support needs (including housing needs) are the target audience for SDA.

For those with extremely high support needs, the NDIS will grant SDA.

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Specialists disability housing helps you get the accommodation you want. Call us now at 0894 685 550 to know more about our NDIS accommodation services.
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