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Features to consider for Specialist Disability Housing

NDIS accommodation Perth
Young Happy Disabled Man Sitting On Wheelchair Arranging Plates In Drawer

In Perth, Australia, the Government is recognizing the importance of designing houses for individuals with disabilities. Specialist Disability Housing (SDH) is one such government initiative to provide accessible and inclusive accommodations to individuals with disabilities. It is categorized as NDIS accommodation Perth.

In the article, we will explore specific features to consider while building houses for people with disabilities. Some of the key features are mentioned below:

1. Universal Design:

Perth SDH should embrace universal design so that the houses are accessible and usable by people of all abilities. Features of entrances without steps, wide doors, adjustable sinks, countertops, lever handles in place of knobs, bathrooms with grab bars and roll-in showers should be implemented to promote easy access by people with special needs.

2. Layout and Navigation:

The layout should be such that allows easy navigation and movement. Open floor with clear pathways and wide turning circles should be considered. Tripping hazards like level thresholds and rugs should not be kept.

3. Assistive Technology:

Technology like smart home automation systems, voice-activated controls for lighting and appliances should be implemented to improve quality of life. It will help individuals with disabilities have better control over their living environment.

4. Sensory Considerations:

Lighting systems which can be adjusted as per personalized needs help individuals with visual issues. Using soundproofing devices and acoustically designed materials help create more calm living environment. These sensory aspects should be considered.

5. Accessible outdoors:

Outdoor spaces should be accessible to everyone via ramps or sloping pathways, handrails to help navigation. Features like raised garden beds and wheelchair-friendly pathways allow residents to enjoy outdoors and connect with nature.

6. Community building:

SDH should promote community building by including features like shared living areas, gardens and recreational facilities. This way the residents can build relationships. Providing access to public transportation, local amenities and community services brings a sense of belonging.

7. Infrastructure Adaptability:

SDH should be to accommodate the changing needs over time. Features like adjustable-height counters and cabinets, modular furniture and easily modifiable spaces should be incorporated. It will ensure that the housing is suitable for people with disabilities even when they evolve and grow.

8. Environmental Considerations:

Priority should be given to environmental sustainability. Energy-efficient appliances like water-saving fixtures and renewable energy sources should be incorporated.  These are eco-friendly features which also save money.

The Specialist Disability Housing designs should carefully involve various features and designs that prioritize accessibility and inclusivity of individuals with disabilities. This will ensure that they live a quality and easy life.

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