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NDIS Supported Independent Living (SIL) Property in Kelmscott


Features -

209 m²

Description -

Get NDIS accommodation in Kelmscott, Western Australia, with Specialists Disability Housing.  

With a focus on fostering independence, our housing features essential amenities, including well-appointed bedrooms, bathrooms, and communal spaces.  

Benefit from a location that is conveniently situated near local amenities, public transportation, and recreational areas. 

Specialists Disability Housing is committed to providing tailored solutions, encompassing SDA, SIL, and STA/MTA services.  

Our dedicated team works to create a safe and supportive living environment, ensuring residents can thrive with confidence.  

Whether you’re seeking a comfortable living space or require specific modifications for accessibility, our NDIS accommodation in Kelmscott is designed to meet your unique requirements.  

Experience the convenience and quality of life that our accommodations offer, empowering individuals to lead fulfilling and independent lives. 

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