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NDIS Support Coordination

Specialists disability housing offers NDIS support coordination to ensure you understand your plan. Our support coordinators are dedicated in assisting NDIS members by comprehending their needs and successfully executing their plans.

In close collaboration with you, our support coordinator will help you identify your needs and make the most of NDIS funding so you can live freely and comfortably. We assist you in finding the best quality services ensuring the highest standard of care.

NDIS Support Coordinators

You get a support coordinator if you’re entitled to get one. In order to maximize your paid support, Specialists disability housing, a certified NDIS provider in Perth, offers support coordination services.

We help you become independent to manage your support and accomplish your short- and long-term goals. We can be your support system, helping you to investigate your best options and build resilience within your neighborhood.

​If you have funding for Support Coordinators in your plan, the NDIS will fully cover the cost of our NDIS support coordination service. We assist you in making contact with NDIS service providers and making plans on how to spend your NDIS funding. We specialize in participants from culturally diverse backgrounds who have psychosocial diagnostic, SDA, and SIL applications.

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