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Social & Community Participation

Life is exciting and fun when you’re out and about and doing things with other people. And we’re here to help if you need any assistance to do that.

We make every effort to increase your social and community participation and aid in achieving your objectives.

We take the time to listen to what you’d like to do, whether it’s learning to use public transportation, joining a regular social group, enrolling in a TAFE course, or attending an event.

We’ll support you in becoming a part of your neighborhood.

Increase your Horizons
Living locally need not limit your options; we will assist you in achieving your objectives through experiences beyond every day.

Make New Friends
In the neighborhood or at one of our centers, you can socialize and develop relationships. Spending time with friends warms the heart while preventing isolation and loneliness

Live a life that you want
Beyond the obvious, our support services assist you in enhancing your abilities and capacity to make the most of each day.

We tailor our services as per your preferences and needs. We provide these services to expand your independence.

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